Ms LIM See Yee (Jacqueline)

Weather Services Department

  • lim_see_yee@nea.gov.sg

Ms LIM See Yee (Jacqueline)

Ms Jacqueline Lim works as an operational Meteorologist in the Weather Services Department. She was previously part of CCRS and one of the team members in Singapore’s Second National Climate Change Study, which analyses the regional climate model projections (downscaled from a set of CMIP5 models) to provide the future climate projections for Singapore. Her main research interests include understanding weather and climate processes at the regional-to-local scale. She endeavours to bridge the gap between research and downstream operations, seeking to apply the outcomes of local scale weather studies to improve forecasting capability.


    • 2009-2010
    • Applied Meteorology Course for Forecasters at WMO Regional Training Center, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, China
    • 2005-2008
    • BSc (Hons) in Oceanography/Marine Science, Department of Science and Technology, National University of Malaysia

Working Experience

    • 2017-present
    • Meteorologist, Weather Services Department, Meteorological Service Singapore
    • 2010-2016
    • Meteorologist/Research Officer, Centre for Climate Research Singapore, MSS
    • 2008-2009
    • Meteorologist, Weather Services Department, Meteorological Service Singapore

Research Interests

Tropical weather and climate processes

Seasonal climate prediction

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Priority needs for dynamical-model climate predictions: Questionnaire for suppliers of climate forecast services in the ASEAN region.

Technical Report.

  • Poster of “Relative Impacts of Cold Surges and Madden-Julian Oscillation on Southeast Asian Rainfall” for the 5th International Workshop on Monsoon (IWM-V), 2013