Mission & Vision

Centre for Climate Research Singapore

CCRS building_cropped

The Centre for Climate Research Singapore is a research centre and part of the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS). It was officially launched in March 2013.

Our Mission

To advance scientific understanding of tropical climate variability and change and its associated weather systems affecting Singapore and the wider Southeast Asia Region, so that the knowledge and expertise can benefit decision makers and the community.

Our Vision

To be a world leading centre in tropical climate and weather research focusing on the Southeast Asia region.

Our Logo


The globe in the logo depicts the borderless and expansive nature of the weather affecting everyone on Earth. The wavy patterns on the globe represent the atmospheric circulations and waves encircling the globe that are a driving force for the weather and climate which affects us.

The colours blue and green of the globe represent the earth’s oceans, atmosphere and natural environment, symbolising MSS‘ key focus on weather, climate, and environmental hazards. Grey text is used to demonstrate MSS’ professional, forward-looking nature as a national authority on weather and climate.