Singapore Government

Seasonal Outlook

The seasonal outlook research provides seasonal forecasts for Singapore and the surrounding Southeast Asian region that can assist end users to manage risks posed by seasonal climate variability. Better management of risks associated with natural climate variability is a useful first step in dealing with future climate change.


Fig: Seasonal Outlook

Objective Seasonal Forecasts

CCRS currently produces monthly and seasonal forecasts for Singapore based on the latest dynamical and statistical modelling techniques. Global model forecasts are taken from a number of international modelling centres. Combined with physical reasoning based on the current state of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) phenomenon and knowledge of Singapore’s climate, a forecast is developed and issued to the MSS forecast office through an internal monthly climate outlook forum.

A project is underway to develop a statistical-dynamical objective forecast utilising the output from a number of global seasonal forecast models. The “hindcast” output from each model will be verified for Singapore for precipitation, wind and temperature. Based on these statistical evaluations, an objective algorithm will be developed for monthly and seasonal forecasts for Singapore.

Regional Climate Outlook Forum

CCRS has worked with other countries in the region and with WMO to establish a Regional Climate Outlook Forum (RCOF) for Southeast Asia. These meetings involve participants from WMO, ASEAN countries, experts form the major global modelling centres and regional end-users. The first ASEANCOF (Association of South-East Asian Nations Climate Outlook Forum) meeting took place in December 2013 and meetings are held each year ahead of the boreal winter and summer monsoon seasons.