Singapore Government

Workshop on Urban Heat Islands


“Cool science: Urban heat islands”
By Assoc Prof Matthias Roth, NUS
“Evaluation of Regional Climate Downscaling over the Maritime Continent”
By Li Xian-Xiang, Koh Tieh Yong, Dara Entekhabi, Matthias Roth, Jagabandhu Panda, Leslie Norford, Center for Environmental Sensing and Modeling, SMART
“Simulating climate change in UK cities using a regional climate model (HadRM3) and 21st Century climate forcing from urban growth”
By Dr Charline Marzin and Dr Mark McCarthy, Met Office Hadley Centre, United Kingdom
“Urban flux towers: sources of data to evaluate/tune up meteorological and air quality models in cities”
By Dr Erik Velasco, Center for Environmental Sensing and Modeling, SMART
“UHI mitigation: A brief review of existing methods and their effectiveness”
By Dr Winston Chow, Department of Geography, National University of Singapore
“Potential signature of influence of Urban Heat Island on extreme rainfall over Singapore”
By Mr Cheong Wee Kiong, Centre for Climate Research Singapore
Dialogue session


For the presentations, please download abstracts here.