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About the Speaker

Mr Paul Holper is an experienced science and environment communicator with more than 25 years’ experience. He recently left CSIRO, the Australian science agency, to establish his own science communication business, Paul Holper & Associates. Paul managed CSIRO’s involvement in the Australian Climate Change Science Program, the nation’s largest such research activity. Program researchers undertake observations of the atmosphere, oceans and terrestrial systems, explore the drivers of climate in the southern hemisphere, develop and test climate models, and generate projections of Australia’s likely future climate. He also managed a major joint CSIRO Bureau of Meteorology program developing Australia’s most comprehensive national climate change projections, to be released in late 2014.

Paul has an honours degree in chemistry and qualifications in science communication and education. He has written 20 science books for children and for adults, including Climate Change: What You Can Do About It, published by CSIRO Publishing and Pan Macmillan.

During his visit, Paul gave a talk entitled ‘Communicating Climate Change’. The talk covered the importance of communication by research agencies and the key elements associated with effectively explaining climate change to a variety of audiences.

The talk also briefly examined the history and challenges of climate change communication Important elements of effective communication include tailoring messages for your audience, building on existing knowledge, being positive, suggesting actions and using a range of different communication methods and tools.