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Centre for Climate Research Singapore (CCRS)

The Centre for Climate Research Singapore (CCRS) was established under the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS). CCRS was officially launched in March 2013, with the mission to become a centre of regional excellence in tropical climate and weather research.

CCRS is the first research centre in the world dedicated to the understanding of Southeast Asia’s complex tropical climate and weather systems. This includes improving its understanding and prediction of tropical convective thunderstorms and Northeast Monsoon surges, enhancing its understanding of complex climate system processes, and producing climate projections for different time scales. It is also a leader in the use of high resolution computer models to simulate weather and climate over this part of the world.

CCRS is undertaking research and studies in the following key areas:

  1. Advance understanding and prediction of high-impact or extreme weather, in particular, intense precipitation from thunderstorms and Northeast Monsoon surges;
  2. Improve knowledge and understanding of tropical convective systems, the Asian Monsoons, Madden-Julian Oscillation and the La Niña / La Niña phenomenon;
  3. Enhance understanding of the complex climate system processes, including atmosphere, ocean and land surface processes, and the interactions among them;
  4. Use climate models and statistical downscaling techniques, to simulate local and regional climate variability and change in the past, and to produce skilful climate projections for different time scales (seasonal, decadal, century);
  5. Produce long-term projections of sea level rise and storm surges in the region;
  6. Monitor and assess local climate variability and change, and attribute recent changes or significant trends in local and regional climates to specific factors; and
  7. Adapt and improve Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models and predictive techniques to produce reliable and accurate products spanning forecast ranges from instantaneous to the long term, and from local to regional scales.