Singapore Government

Inaugural Meeting of the Climate Science Experts Network


Opening Address
By Ms Wong Chin Ling, Director-General, Meteorological Service Singapore
Keynote Lecture
By Dr Chris Gordon, Head of Science Partnerships, Met Office, United Kingdom
Presentation 1: “Evaluation of WRF Regional Climate Downscaling Performance for Precipitation Variability over Asia-Pacific”
By Dr Jeff Lo Chun-Fung, Research Scientist, Meteorological Service Singapore
Presentation 2: “Climate system impacts associated with the sensitivity of black carbon emissions, processing, interactions with other aerosols, and atmospheric feedbacks”
By Dr Jason Cohen, Center for Environmental Sensing and Modeling, SMART
Presentation 3: “Remote sensing of land cover change and deforestation in Southeast Asia and impacts on climate change”
By Mr Kwoh Leong Keong, Director, Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing, NUS
Presentation 4: “Principal Component Analysis of Observed and Modelled Diurnal Rainfall in the Maritime Environment”
By Assistant Professor Koh Tieh-Yong, Principal Investigator, Earth Observatory of Singapore, NTU
Presentation 5: “Use of GRACE gravity data for assessing changes in glacier melting and water storage, and their impacts on sea level”
By Assistant Professor Emma Hill, Principal Investigator, Earth Observatory of Singapore, NTU
Presentation 6: “Internal characteristics of tropical rainfall”
By Associate Professor Tan Soon Keat, Student Director, Maritime Research Centre, NTU
Presentation 7: “Impacts of sea-level rise on salinity intrusion in estuarine environments”
By Assistant Professor Vivien Chua, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, NUS
Presentation 8: “Urban temperature map as a tool for a climatic responsive urban planning for high density city”
By Dr Steve Kardinal Jusuf, Centre for Sustainable Asian Cities, NUS
Closing Address and Networking lunch hosted by LG(NS) Desmond Kuek, Permanent Secretary for the Environment and Water Resources


For the presentations, please download abstracts here.

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Participants at the Inaugural Meeting of the Climate Science Experts Network.