High Performance Computing


MSS and CCRS have two high performance computing (HPC) systems that are used for both research and daily operational activities.

The Cray XC-30 HPC system, named Athena, is housed at CCRS and comprises:

  1. 168 computing nodes, each with two Intel Xeon E5-2670 8-core 2.6Ghz CPUs. Each node contains 64GB of RAM (4GB per core).
  2. Storage incorporates a Lustre Parallel file system, optimised for high performance computing providing 750TB of usable data storage.

The second HPC system is housed in the MSS headquarters at Changi and comprises:

  1. 14 computing nodes, each with four AMD Opteron 8435 6-core 2.6GHz CPUs. Each blade contains 48GB RAM (2GB per core).
  2. 8 computing nodes, each with four AMD Opteron 6274 16-core 2.6GHz CPUs. Each node contains 128GB RAM (2GB per core).
  3. A centralised Lustre Parallel file system, providing 115TB of usable data storage.


HPC at CCRS HPC at MSS Headquarters (Changi)
Model Cray XC-30 HP cluster
Peak Performance 55 TFlops ~ 10 TFlops
Capacity 2688 cores @ 2.6GHz 848 cores @ 2.6GHz
RAM 4 GBytes / core 2 GBytes / core
Storage 750 TBytes / core 115 TBytes / core