Dr SONG Guiting

Research Scientist
Weather Modelling & Prediction Section

  • tony_song@nea.gov.sg

Dr SONG Guiting

Dr Song Guiting has many years of experience in atmospheric and oceanic modelling, weather forecasting and satellite remote sensing. He developed a high-resolution wind and ocean current forecast system for Terra Weather. He also led multiple research projects on modelling regional climate change over Mexico during his time with University of Guanajuato. Among his achievements, he developed a new and efficient algorithm to retrieve ocean wind field from SAR imagery. He is currently working on the development of an ensemble prediction system for Singapore. He also takes on the role of maintaining the MSS ocean wave and current forecast system.


    • 2006-2009
    • PhD in Meteorology, University of Hamburg, Germany
    • 2001-2006
    • PhD in Physical Oceanology, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
    • 1997-2001
    • BSc in Meteorology, Ocean University of China

Working Experience

    • 2016-present
    • Research Scientist, Centre for Climate Research Singapore, MSS
    • 2014-2016
    • Principal Meteorologist, Terra Weather Pte Ltd, Singapore
    • 2012-2013
    • Associate Professor, University of Guanajuato, Mexico
    • 2010-2012
    • Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Research Interests

  • High-resolution numerical weather and ocean prediction
  • Ocean-atmosphere coupled model
  • Regional storm surge prediction
  • Oil spill detection and tracking

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