Dr SUN Xiangming

Senior Research Scientist
Weather Modelling & Prediction Section

  • Sun_xiangming@nea.gov.sg

Dr SUN Xiangming

Dr Sun Xiangming is currently working on a multi-year project on the convective-scale Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) modelling and data assimilation, in collaboration with UK Met Office. His current research focuses on the NWP model background error analysis in tropical regions. Thanks to his many years of working experience as a forecaster as well as a researcher, his areas of expertise cover weather forecast, NWP modelling, data assimilation, air quality modelling and analysis, and weather processes study.


    • 1998-2001
    • PhD, Department of Geophysics, Peking University, Chin
    • 1991-1998
    • BSc and MSc, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Lanzhou University, China

Working Experience

    • 2012-Present
    • Research Scientist/Senior Research Scientist, Centre for Climate Research Singapore, MSS
    • 2011-2012
    • Research Scientist at Temasek Laboratories, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    • 2001-2010
    • Forecaster, Senior Engineer, Division Chief at Shenzhen Met Office, China

Research Interests

Numerical Weather Prediction modelling and data assimilation

Weather Radar data analysis and application

Weather processes study

Air quality modelling and analysis

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